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Steve is looking for a partner to take up to 50% share in his company “Steve Grindrod Amplification”.


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Legendary Valve Amp Designer Steve Grindrod Invites Guitarists, MI Executives and Music Lovers to Share in The Ownership of Steve Grindrod Amplification

Steve Grindrod, Founder, Managing Director and Chief Designer of Steve Grindrod Amplification (SGA), announced that he is inviting guitarists, MI executives and music lovers to share in the ownership of his brand. Grindrod is making 50-percent of the equity in his company available.

Please contact Steve or Andrew on +447973223949 for more information.

Steve Grindrod is acclaimed by leading artists, MI executives and journalists as a creator of “the British Sound.” He formed SGA in 2015, after 27 years as Chief Designer at Marshall, where he created iconic amps including the JCM800, Silver Jubilee, JCM900 and JCM2000; 8 years as Chief Designer at Vox, where he created the AC30, Custom Classic, and Heritage AC15; and 6 years as Chief Designer at Albion, where he created additional models embraced by elite artists and working musicians alike.

The initial SGA range, the Pendragon series, was introduced at Music China in October 2015 and at NAMM in January 2016 and generated significant interest. Sales channels have been opened and over 50 global distributors are ready to place orders as soon as SGA initiates a planned global marketing campaign.

“For over 40 years I’ve obsessed on one thing: making guitarists sound better. The way I’ve achieved this is by listening deeply to their concerns and by becoming one with their wants and needs,” said Steve Grindrod. “Since we’re one emotionally and SGA is still a young company, I felt it would be meaningful to invite guitarists to share in the growth of my brand with me. Has a guitarist ever been able to say, ‘I own a piece of the amp brand I play?’ Now they can.”

Steve stated, “By investing in SGA guitarists and all music lovers are helping me to help them. Together we can take British sound forward.”


Andrew Bishop, CEO

Steve Grindrod Amplification Co. Ltd.

Cell: +44 (0) 7973 223949